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 5. Mai 2009
Klub EuroRanch 3.0
mit Liveact und Cuisine und spitzen DJ-Team

Klub EuroRanch: Rhiz, Samstag 16. Mai 09'
Klub N° 48

Aber das Leben lebt
EuroRanch präsentiert: The Pleasant Delaneys
Mit Liveact, crossatlantic DJ-Team und Cuisine!
Nur noch wenige Male.

... das Abendprogramm
21:00 EuroRanch DJ-Team
23:00 live The Pleasant Delaneys
24:00 EuroRanch DJ-Team

... im Rhiz
Samstag, 16. Mai, 21:00 Uhr
Gürtelbogen 37, 1080 Wien
Cuisine: Crossatlantik Snack
Eintritt: EUR 5,-

... Liveact: The Pleasant Delaneys
The Pleasant Delaneys are generally described as being "United States-bound" but claim for themselves to "confer on equal terms with each of the states" which may serve as an explanation for their already long-enduring abode in various Central European countries. After years of instructive pond'ring within numerous and mostly critically acclaimed musical formations such as The Great Natural Theatre of Opelousas, The Founding Cousins, Tallahassee Econolodge and The Po-Boys, men of music/ men of words Meriwhether Blue and Nicola Gentile created the Pleasant Delaneys as a source for their own and unique approaches to Cosmic Country and Rock and Roll Music.

"Though still spared by a broader reception, the Pleasant Delaneys have a growing number of prominent supporters. Bluegrass poet Frankie Silver, advocate of the group since their early days, may serve as an example: She once described the Pleasant Delaneys' work as a sensational aquaintance that makes the senses make sense. Expect an evening full of tales - some meandering, some hollering out loud - emerging from the unpaved roads trailing just a far cry apart from the musical highways.

... Soundsample
play The Pleasant Delaneys - 3 brandneue Tracks

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(The Pleasant Delaneys, EuroRanch Team)
The Pleasant Delaneys Rancheros

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Band: The Pleasant Delaneys (Myspace)
Location: Rhiz
Klub Organiser & DJs: euroranch.org

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